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10 candles for the Bess program

Monday 11 June 2018, by JJ Broussat

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BeSS is a professional/amateur program that started in 2007. Today it has more than 12,000 spectra for more than 2000 Be stars. BeSS data has been used by more than 53 scientific publications.

During the week of October 23 - 27, 2017, we celebrated the tenth birthday of the BeSS program. Fourteen people - professionals and amateurs - were in attendance from the USA, Portugal, Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. The week started with a general discussion of Be phenomenon and the BeSS database. Presentations were done by Coralie Neiner who is an astronomer at Meudon Observatory and the project director. The group discussed improvements to the database and the associated web sites. The group also discussed how to find new observers (91 observers aren’t enough for 2000 stars). Each attendee did a presentation.